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We're committed to redefining wealth management.

At Avenir, we empower wealth managers and financial advisors with cutting-edge tools to revolutionise traditional wealth management practices. Our scalable, personalised solutions harness the power of advanced technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive efficiency, customisation and impact.

"We simplify financial advisory processes, streamline compliance, and deliver tailored solutions for wealth managers, reshaping the landscape with greater impact."

Jeremy Bensoussan

Co-Founder and CEO, Avenir

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How it Started

When we launched Avenir, our goal was clear: to shake up finance and investments by making personalisation and impact accessible to all, thanks to technology.

As a leader in personalised investing solutions for wealth managers and financial advisers in the UK, our mission remains simple: to help advisers integrate their clients' values into tailored investment strategies seamlessly.

From day one, our aim has been to make finance more personal and impactful. And with every step we take, we're getting closer to that goal.

Andrea MacDonald
Jeremy Bensoussan
Stefan Rotarus
Our Mission
Streamlined wealth management services
Our Mission

Offer scalable, personalised solutions that drive efficiency, customisation and impact.

Our Vision
Fuel the next version of wealth managers: tech-powered, personalised, and efficient
Our Vision

Redefine wealth management through a hybrid approach, seamlessly blending technology with personalised advice across diverse asset classes.

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