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Partner with us for portfolios built on principles

Empowering financial advisors to align clients' values with investments, creating hyper personalised portfolios.

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Positive impact.
Positive returns.

Provide transparency, education, and tailored portfolios to build lasting client relationships that stand out in a competitive market.

Client Values Mapping

A tool to understand clients' sustainability and impact goals. Elevate the client journey, fortify advisor-client connection, extract invaluable insights and strategically position your firm for success.

Bespoke Portfolio Creation

Easily customise portfolios and ETFs to match clients' impact goals with direct indexing technology. Benefit from tax efficiency, smart stock selection, and automated tax loss harvesting.

Smart Reporting

Showcase the impact of your clients' portfolios with our suitability reporting tool, using a unique AI-human collaboration approach. Save time and cut costs while ensuring compliance.

Enhance Personalisation

Tailor portfolios to clients' goals & values by selecting individual stocks or securities based on risk tolerance, investment objectives, and ethics.

Save Costs

Avoid fees associated with mutual funds or ETFs. By directly purchasing securities through our platform you save on management expenses.

Maximise Tax Efficiency

Optimise tax outcomes through techniques like tax-loss harvesting, offsetting gains with losses, and controlling timing of capital gains.

Gain Transparency & Control

Provide clients with full visibility of holdings, empowering them to make informed decisions, managing portfolios according to their preferences.